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How to Handle the Sting of Criticism

Modah recently GOT HER A** HANDED TO HER by a literary agent to whom she pitched her book and brand. The agent’s criticisms ranged from dismissing Modah’s-choice-of-name to don’t-come-back-until-you’ve-got-a-Kardashian-sized-social-media-following.

And, to some degree, the agent WAS right.

But, @#$%&! Continue reading

7 Things You OWE YOURSELF After The Last Kid Moves Out

Dear darling empty-nest momma,

Pick your scenario:

1) Your Sarah has just boarded a plane to Guatemala, where she will spend a “gap year” feeding orphans.

2) Your Little Johnny is adjusting nicely to his freshman year at Whattsamatta U, where he plans to “major” in “Business” (but where, like his brothers before him, he will actually “major” in “Beer”).

 3) Your Megan just changed her name to “Nzuri” (Swahili for “Beautiful”) and has “moved to the Coast” to “make art” with her weed-smoking, under-employed boyfriend.

Or, you can imagine your own scenario.

But one way or another, the last of your kids has drained your bank account and is ambling toward a new life. Continue reading

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