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Irma Came. And then Irma Went. Now Modah be &*%#! tired.

One week ago that b*tch Irma spread her skirts,

took a squat, and sprayed destruction all over my state.

Since  Modah lives only “a block from the water” here in South Florida,

she wisely decided to evacuate and took shelter 

with generous friends, who managed to pack

eleven people,

three large dogs,

six (count ’em SIX!) cats,

and a hedgehog named Norbert,

into their house. Continue reading

How to Handle the Sting of Criticism

Modah recently GOT HER A** HANDED TO HER by a literary agent to whom she pitched her book and brand. The agent’s criticisms ranged from dismissing Modah’s-choice-of-name to don’t-come-back-until-you’ve-got-a-Kardashian-sized-social-media-following.

And, to some degree, the agent WAS right.

But, @#$%&! Continue reading

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